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⊕    What is "virtual voltage"?

We measure sound pressure on the decibel scale which is logarithmic
and non-linear.

in dsp we measure internal signals on a linear scale that is analogous
to the voltage scale used by electrical engineers.

Volt Precision Fader exposes this linear "virtual voltage" to the end user,
as well as providing a traditional decibel-based fader interface.

⊕    Should I control Volt using MIDI or with track automation envelopes?

We think that MIDI can work better and in many cases it can be easier to work with when automating multiple controls, but you are free to try both methods.

⊕    Settings were not recalled when I re-opened my DAW project file.

The demo version does not recall it's settings;
The unlimited full version can be purchased

⊕    I've lost my login or password.

Please use our Support form to request a new password

⊕    Does Volt have any copy protection?

No. However, Volt demo versions do not recall their settings.

⊕     Do you have a mastering site?

Some examples are posted here.

⊕    Will there be an AAX version of Volt?

We have applied to Avid for their software development kit, and are patiently awaiting their reply. We hear from other developers that it could be a while...

⊕    What is Cloud9?

Cloud9 is where registered users of our
products can leave comments, or
feature requests, etc.
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