L i s t e n     -     Before & After

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Sidechain Ducking - Vocals        
Artist: Charles Dixon 

Charles uses Epoch's external sidechain to duck his vocals under the drums. A subtle coloration is provided by the comb filter. "Notice how the vocals now sit in the mix rather than on top of the mix."

Example 1 -     "The Otherside"    

Example 2 -     "Hoops" (verse)   

Example 3 -     "Hoops" (chorus)   

Hiphop Bass Expander
Artist: DJRapstar

DJRapstar shows off a factory preset he created.

Example 4 -  "DJRapstar Bass" 

Filtering and Ducking a Synth
Artist: DJRapstar

DJRapstar uses Epoch to clean the midrange from a synth track, while ducking it behind hi-hats and snare. "It took all the garbage out of the synth, but no EQ."

Example 5 -    "DJRapstar Trap"    

Drums, Synths, and Mastering
Artist: ScottAC

Scott demonstrates Epoch on drums, synths, and on the master bus. "Epoch gives the drums more punch and depth, and it adds width and warmth to the synths."

Example 6 -     "Epoch303"