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Welcome to Epoch
Epoch’s musically pleasing compression is ideal for use on
either instrument tracks or full program material. While Epoch can far exceed the capabilities of cherished classic analog processors, it is also similarly euphonic. Epoch’s exceptional power
and silky character won it a CM Magazine innovation award.

Reimagine Compression
Epoch employs comb filtering to affect dynamics, which simultaneously affords precise control over tonal coloration. Epoch’s unique feature set includes transient detection with lookahead and external sidechain. Above all, we designed Epoch to excel in musicality and sonics.

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Sidechain Vocal Ducking:

Nydus uses Epoch's external sidechain to duck the vocal
under the drums. A subtle coloration is provided by the comb filter.
"Notice how the vocal now sits in the mix rather than on top of the mix."

Example 1 -     Artist: Nydus     Song: "The Otherside"    

Example 2 -     Artist: Dream Nostalgia     Song: "Hoops" (verse)    

Example 3 -     Artist: Dream Nostalgia    Song:  "Hoops" (chorus)    

Hiphop Bass Expander (Factory Preset):

Example 4 -     Artist: DJRapstar     Song: "DJRapstar Bass"    

Filtering and Ducking a Synth:

DJRapstar uses Epoch to clean the midrange from a
synth track, while ducking it behind hi-hats and snare.
"It took all the garbage out of the synth, but no EQ."

Example 5 -     Artist: DJRapstar     Song: "DJRapstar Trap"    

Drums, Synths, and Mastering:

ScottAC demonstrates Epoch on drums, synths, and on the master bus.
"Epoch gives the drums more punch and depth, and it adds width and warmth to the synths."

Example 6 -     Artist: ScottAC     Song: "Epoch303"    


Dynamics Section:
Feed-Forward and Feed-Back Detection Circuits
Transient Sensitivity with Lookahead
Optical Detector Type Behaviour
Gate/Expander Type Behaviour
Program Dependent Release
High Quality Oversampling
External Side Chaining

Comb Filter Section:
Bi-Directional Sub-Sample Delay
360° Phase Rotator

Undo/Redo with Unlimited History
Four Persistent Memory Banks
Double Precision Signal Path
Secret Sauce